Our Values
    Many things have changed in 40 years but our values have never changed.

    Our Vision 
    To be a model corporation which is preferred in its sector by rendering services at optimum conditions, guarantee the quality of life standard.

    Our Mission
    To render modern and reliable services which will create the conception of loyal customer with proper solutions for the changing needs of persons and corporations. 


    We adhered to principles which mentioned below since our establishment and we will also adhere to this principles in the future in order to complete our mission.

    • To make no concessions of general and professional codes of ethics.

    • To perform our all activities in accordance with laws and regulations.

    • To provide labor protection and following rules for work safety with sensibility and caution which will realize the goal of no working accident. 

    • To procure being minimum effect to environment with the application of environmental conservation. To be open to new ideas, use the latest technology and always search better to reach our goals.

    • To provide protection sufficiently by decreasing the effects of weakness which will endanger the secret, integrity and accessibility of information to acceptable levels. 

    • To train our employees according to the culture of our corporation in the direction of being creative, zealous and honest and to show attention to their working as persons who have self-reliance, are open minded, are ready to perform authorities given to them and take responsibility. 

    • To show effort for continuous development of our activities in all ways. 

    • To look for perfectionism in technical and management capabilities and competitive edge.