Our Company distribute profits within the framework of Turkish Trade Law provisions, Tax Regulations and other related regulations. Balanced and consistent policy is followed for distribution of profit between shareholders and company interest in compliance with institution management principles. 

    In principle , as long as related regulations and financial facilities allows, by taking into account market expectations, our long term community strategy, capital need of our company, subsidiaries and affiliate companies, investment and financing policies, profitability and cash position, minimum %5 of capital counted distributable profit of the period is distributed to shareholders in cash. 

    Within the framework of 23rd Article of our prime contract, net period profit of the company is the avail after all kinds of expenses are taken away. Until %5 of net period profit reaches %20 profit of paid capital, first distribution is reserved for legal reserves; %5 of the rest is distributed to shareholders as dividend .Dividend is calculated proportionally with the payments, which is paid by shareholders to the company for joint stock share.

    Rest of the net period profit is distributed in the way and form determined by the general assembly.

    %10 of the total cost that is to be distributed to individuals that will receive a share from profit after %5 dividends is paid to shareholders, second distributions are added to reserve funds.